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Journal of Chung Cheng Institute of Technology


 VOL.39, NO.1, MAY, 2010
1.Microstructure and Mechanical Property of Nickel-Tungsten Electrodeposition
Fu-Je Chen, Da-Chan Huang, Chao-Sung Lin, and Yung-Ning Pan
2.Dynamic Reaction Analysis of Delivery Truck Hitting Rigid Wall Directly at Different Speed
Jee-Ray Wang, Ho-Chi Chou, Der-Wei Chen, and Chien-Cheng Yen
4.Chamber Contour Design and Compression Flow Calculations of Rotary Engine
Huai-Lung Ma, Cheng-Hsiung Kuo, and Chien-Chang Chen
7.Development of a RFID-based Automatic Ammunition Surveillance System
Shih-Sung Lin, Min-Hsiung Hung, and Hsin-Chih Chiang
8.Heuristics Approach for Portfolio Selection with Military Investment Assets
Tun-Jen Chang, Sang-Chin Yang, Ting-Li Lin, and Kuang-Jung Chang
10.The Decryption of Random Phase Recording Volume Hologram System
Ching-Yang Lin, Hon-Fai Yau, Chi-Ching Chang, Wen-Kuei Yang, and Tsung-Chien Chang
12.Predicting and Filtering Algorithm for Projectile Motion Tracking in Fire Control Loop
Chao-Yu Hung, Chun-Min Fang, Chia-Chi Chao, Ching-Kang Yin, and Ching-Yan Yin
14.The Research of Innovative Design of M14 Rifle Trigger Mechanism Based on TRIZ
Huai-Ku Sun, Shi-Gan Deng, Jau-Nan Yeh, and Jian-Xiong Liao