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Journal of Chung Cheng Institute of Technology


 VOL.38, NO.1, NOV., 2009
1.A Genetic Algorithm for Military Project Portfolio Optimization Problem
Sang-Chin Yang, Tun-Jen Chang, Ting-Li Lin, and Kuang-Jung Chang
4.Performance Improvement of an Operating Room in a Health-care Facility.
Fu-Jen Wang, Chi-Ming Lai, Zhuan-Ru Liu, and Yuan-Hong Luo
11.The Study of Precision of Combining Low-Cost L1 GPS Receiver and Virtual Reference Station.
He-Chin Chen, Ruey-Juin Rau, Min-Shiung Wang, and Jeng-Lun Liu
16.A Meta-heuristic Approach to Buffer Allocation in Production Line.
Hsu-Tung Lee, Shao-Kai Chen, and Shunder Chang
18.The Influence of Different Buffer Layers on the InN Thin Film Growth by Vertical Reactor MOCVD.
Ping-Yu Kuei, Tzu-Tao Yuan, Chen-Chung Wu, Wen-Jen Lin, and Ta-Ching Li
19.Using Artificial Intelligence to Warships Shape and Cabin Space of Designs.
Chien-Cheng Yen, Wang Jee-Ray, Der-Wei Chen, and Tzeng-Yuan Heh